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Your Sci-Fi Network needs you!

Are you a fan of a Sci-Fi franchise… Know the inside out of a who is who… or very interested in a franchise and wish to grow your knowledge.Our team[…]

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August 15, 2019 0

The Expanse – Season 4

With the Ring Gates now open to thousands of new planets, a blood-soaked gold rush begins, igniting new conflicts between Earth, Mars, and the Belt. Meanwhile, on one unexplored planet,[…]

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December 14, 2019 0

Listed in the top 50 Sci-Fi Blogs

Great news for us! We have been added to the internets most viewed / top ranking Sci-Fi blog lists, currently sitting at number 43.

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November 27, 2019 0

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

This narratively-driven single player game puts you in the role of a Jedi Padawan who narrowly escaped the purge of Order 66 following the events of Episode 3: Revenge of[…]

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November 24, 2019 0

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